Katie Creyts
Beers and Boars

My work is inspired by and developed from my lived experience. Interactions, situations, and circumstances trigger my creative response. Examples of such triggers include the tires that someone discarded in the canyon included in the piece “Never Tire”, or my friends’ lives being devastated by gun violence as inspiration for the bullet hole in “Hollow”, or the girlhood prom fantasy dashed by pregnancy as taken form in the overblown glass pumpkin in “Carriage”. Thematically, the content relates to larger concerns including issues of climatology, eco-consciousness, gender expectations, and gun violence. Throughout my career, I have worked with the structure of folk tales, fairy tales, and fables to illuminate and reconcile the ideas into a form. The tales offer a common metaphoric language and point of reference for the viewer to engage the work. The iconic bitten apple may conjure temptation either of the biblical or Snow White variety. In the work “Bounty” I created several bitten apples out of glass and arranged them in a cornucopia. The familiar bitten apple in this context, and in repetition, speaks to temptation but also to the prescriptive lesson that resists being learned.